Terms and conditions



Please read the following rules and regulations carefully:

I. General

         1. Galleria Dante acts only as a consignee for the sale of pieces of art, Owned by the artists  and previously contracted with the artists for the purpose of sale.

         2. All weights and sizes are verified by the staff of Galleria Dante before the start of the auction

         3. The Pieces in Auction are to be included in a catalogue and presented for period of up to 20 (twenty) days prior to auction; with the purpose of permitting       examination and knowledge of the pieces of art in the auction by potential buyers

         4. Galleria Dante reserves the right of admission and/or refusal to any of its auctions.

         5. The Auction shall be held in U.S. Dollars. Dollar conversion to CAN Dollar or MXN Pesos will be calculated with dollar exchange of the day operated by XE.COM

II. Buyer

         1. Those who wish to participate in the auction, must a) Register a free account in the official page, b) Verifying their e-mail address through the link provided by the auction platform. NOTE: Verification e-mail may be found in the spam folder

         2. The Buyer, is the person who executes the highest bid before the stop watch of the auction ends.

         3. Galleria Dante will not be held responsible for inconveniences caused by faulty internet connections during the auction.

         4. After the allotted time for payment, if the buyer has not paid in full, Galleria Dante reserves the right to re-auction the piece of art at a later date.
         5. The Buyer must have direct contact with Galleria Dante once the auditions ends to make arrangements for payment and Shipping

         6. The Buyer understands that the pieces of art will be insured during the shipping process by the shipping company. Any claims for damage or lost items must be communicated immediately to Galleria Dante Staff and Galleria Dante will serve as intermediary between buyer and shipper for a prompt resolution.

III. Seller

         1. The seller must be available before, during and after the auction for the purpose of answering any questions regarding the auction items, shipping and handling, etc.

         2. The pieces of art to auction must be presented by the seller before the start of auction, through the platform provided; permitting possible buyers to analyze the pieces ahead of the start of auction.


         3. The Seller will remove sold items from the platform in a span of no more that 48 hours of the end of auction Lot.

IV. The Art and Lots

         1. The goods to be auctioned are organized and numbered based on Inventory numbers indicated by Galleria Dante.

         2. Art must be described with name of artist, name of piece, medium, dimensions, original ticket price and show photographs of the piece of art, whenever possible from multiple angles.

         3. Lots will be exhibited for a span of up to 20 (Twenty) days.

         4. The prices that appear at the start of the auction are the start and reserve bids. If pieces do not sell at minimum bid Galleria Dante reserves the right to remove the Item, and re-auction at a later date. At the end of Auction, this lot or pieces of art will NOT be available at discounted auction price. 

         5. Shipping is not included. Shipping will be estimated by contacting Galleria Dante and supplying information, postal code, etc, needed to estimate the shipping and handling cost to buyers destination.

         6. In the event of an Estate Sale Auctiuon, items are verified by Galleria Dante and sold in as is conditoion. 

V. Bids & Auction
         1. The start of the auction will be marked by the chronometer present on each item.
         2. For the convenience of those bidding on multiple items, chronometer will end at different times to give buyer option to bid between items.

         3. For the piece to be awarded, the price offered must be greater than the previous bid. That is, the winner is the highest bidder.

         4. In the case that two or more bids are the same, for the same piece, at the same time, the platform will choose the bid that came in first on the web page.
         5. The scale of Bid increments is as follows IN USD:

         Min Price                Max Price            Increment

             25.                         99.99.                    15
             100                        999.99                   25
             1000                     2499.99                 50
             2500                     999999                 100

         6. Once a piece or lot has been awarded, cancelations are not accepted

         7. The Buyer has 5 (five) business days from auction end to pay in full and confirm pick up or shipment with Galleria Dante.
         8. The buyer can acquire their piece as of the day Galleria Dante confirms payment in full.

VI. Payments

         1. Payments can be made in credit card, cash, personal check, bank transfer to the account provided, OR PAYPAL (with a 4% charge).

         2. Galleria Dante does not accept returns. ALL Sales are Final. 

         3. NOTE: If Buyer requires FACTURA a 16% IVA (VAT) tax will be added.

VII. Shipping

         1. All shipping and Handling cost will be added to the final bill of the winning bidder.

         2. Shipping will be via DHL for international buyers, Sanchez Barcelata or other for national deliveries. 

         3. Each shipment will be insured by shipping company. 

         4. Galleria Dante will serve as intermediary between buyer and shipper in the event of damage or loss of item. 

         5. Shipping will be estimated by contacting Galleria Dante and supplying information, postal code, etc, needed to estimate the shipping and handling cost to buyers destination.

VIII. Law of data protection

         1. Galleria Dante complies with the federal law for the protection of personal information in its possession.